See the Bay at its BEST!

Escape to peace and solitude in Nova Scotia! Graham’s Pioneer Retreat, Digby Neck, is a unique Nova Scotia vacation refuge. Four cozy cottages, a private beach and a truly spectacular view of St. Mary’s Bay await you in the heart of one of the most prolific whale watching and birding destinations in North America.

Graham’s Pioneer Retreat where “People arrive as strangers, stay as guests, and leave as FRIENDS.”

The road to 'Serenity' Cottage on St. Mary's Bay.

All of our cottages have a spectacular view of the bay.

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  1. Janet Nelson #

    Checking in again to see if it works.

    • admin #

      Hi Janet,

      Receiving you loud and clear. Hope to see you soon at Graham’s Pioneer Retreat.



  2. casandra hiscock #

    We stayed here last year and it was absolutely amazing! We are very excited about coming again this year!!!

    • admin #

      Thank you Casandra for your kind comments. Looking forward to seeing you again this year. Don’t forget to book soon.


  3. Betty Tuttle #

    Hi Linda, I have been told that there is no electricity in your cottages. I was wondering if this is the case. Everything I can see on the computer is absolutely gorgeous! Hope to hear from you soon, Betty

    • admin #

      Hello Betty. The cottages do not have conventional power, but they do have electricity. The cottages are powered by Honda Generators. These generators are remote control from inside the cottage. Each cottage has it’s own generator. It is as easy as flicking a light switch on. The fridge, stove, fireplace, and hot water heater are all propane. These major appliances are always working and do not rely on the generator. The main reasons to run the generator would be to run water (flush the toilet, showering, do dishes), lights as night, or for the microwave, toaster etc. As the water is heated by propane there is no waiting for hot water. There are candles and solar lights in the cottages and we provide flashlights. If there is an issue with breathing or sleeping machines, we do have an inverter that can be used all night. The generators are topped off each day with gas. Linda

  4. 7

    Available july 2-9 or 9-16?????
    we are coming home this summer and wd like to rent something in the valley!!!

    • admin #

      Linda, we have availability during both of those weeks. As soon as you know which week you would like please call. Before we know it summer will be here.
      Thanks for the wow!! It is something special.

  5. sandra lane #

    where exactly are you located?

    • admin #

      Hello Sandra, We are west of the Town of Digby on a long peninsula called Digby Neck. We have the famous Bay of Fundy on our north shore and Saint Mary’s Bay on our south shore. Saint Mary’s Bay is feed from the Bay of Fundy, sharing the same tides. We are about a 25 minute drive from the town. We are on the mainland of Nova Scotia with 2 wonderful, car accessible, islands just off our most westerly point.

  6. Sean Leavitt #

    We’ve been viewing your website and love the cottages. Do you allow guests to bring dogs?

    • admin #

      Hello Sean. Yes, we are pet friendly. We do have a pet policy to protect you, your pet and our guests. I will e-mail a copy for your perusal.

  7. Mario Gagnon #


    Looks great!

    Can we bring our pet?

    Do you have something left for september?


    • Linda #

      Hello Mario. Yes, you may bring your pet. We are pet friendly and have a pet policy. What is you pet? We do have some availability for September. You can either fill out the form on the rates & reservation page or you can call us at 1-888-839-2590. Your hostess Linda

  8. Rachel #

    Just wanted to add my thank you and comments to your site. We had the most WONDERFUL time at this retreat. The pics do not do it justice and we can’t wait to go back. We went by ourselves as a last minute get a way, and it was so wonderful and romantic!! We plan to return with our family and hopefully friends. Thanks again for the wonderful vacation spot you have provided!!

    • Linda #

      We are so happy you enjoyed our retreat. We know it is a little different and this is what makes the retreat a real get-a-way. It adds to the romance and getting reacquainted with loved ones. So many of our guests/friends have said the same thing about the pics. We look forward to seeing you again. Maybe next time we’ll be able to have a beach bonfire.

  9. Glenn Baker #

    We stayed here a while back and if you are looking for a quiet, out of the way place, [not to far out ] privacy and the most beautiful views around this is the place and the hosts are second to none. You have to check this place out.

    • Linda #

      Thank you Glenn for your review. As often as I travel down the mountain to the cottages the view always amazes me. The sky is always changing colour from a very light blue to a very dark blue, and the clouds, sometimes they are just hanging right in and other times they are scurrying across in such a hurry. The ocean never remains the same. Sometimes so calm and others just all white caps but perpetually moving with all it’s hidden treasures. The seals and porpoise popping up to have a look and the eagles, hawks, and owls flying overhead. They are forever watching from above.
      We hope you will visit again soon. Regards Linda

  10. jess #

    hi there! i found a brochure for your cottages and think it would be the perfect getaway for sometime this spring/summer! i was just wondering when you will be opening this year? how far in advance do you usually have to make a reservation? thanks very much! amazing looking spot!

    • Linda #

      Hello Jess. We open in May. Housekeeping starts in April and if a cottage is ready we will allow guests to arrive in April. I like to tell people “As soon as you know when you would like to come that is the time to book.” That way you are more sure of having the time you want and the cottage you want. We have already started booking for the 2012 season. We think it is an amazing spot too. Looking forward to your phone call. 1-888-839-2590. Regards Linda

  11. Janet Nelson #

    Stayed in Solace this visit! Loved it! We had a few rainy days but the gazebo helped us get outside just the same. We’ve stayed in all 4 of the cottages over the last years, and can’t wait ’til next year! Dave even showed Alan how to catch mackerel for a very good supper. Thanks Dave and Linda for all you do to help us enjoy our times out on “the neck”. As you know we like all of the cottages, but I have to tell you the gazebos really are a big plus!

    • Linda #

      Hello Janet. Thank you for placing your comment. Like you, I was very happy that Dave and Alan got to go fishing. It is something Dave enjoys and is normally to busy to do. I was even happier he gave Alan all the mackerel. lol
      I must agree about the gazebo as well. They make a big difference. We are hoping to build one at Tranquility Cottage for next season. I know Tranquility is Alan’s favorite.
      Looking forward to your return next year. Friends Linda & Dave

  12. Darlene Hersey #

    This is where Phillip and I need to come for a night ..Is it wheel chair accessible?
    Love it all!!! Good job guys!

    • Linda #

      Hello Darlene. Yes, we do have a 1 bedroom, Tranquility Cottage, that is wheelchair accessible. We would love to see you and Phillip. Close to home but a nice get-a-way. Linda

  13. Bernard #

    Is there cell phone coverage available via Bell Mobility?

    • Linda #

      There is great cell coverage at the cottages. You pick up the towers across Saint Mary’s Bay, on the main land. You can even skype and access the internet.
      I use Bell Mobility and my phone works great at the cottages. There is no coverage at the main house/office.
      I hope this helps.

  14. 27

    Hi there, we are looking for a place to bring our family next year. We have 3 children (ages 12, 8 and 5). Is there room for all of us? How close are you to excursions such as whale watching? Peggys Cove? What type of things can our kids do in your area? IS there BBQ’s? Can one swim at the beach area?

    • Linda #

      Hello Christie, Bruce, and Family. There would be room for all of you in a 2 bedroom cottage. They sleep 6. We are very close to the best whale watching from Long and Brier Islands. Peggy’s Cove would be a full day trip but you can do it. Peggy’s Cove is closer to Halifax. We are about a 2.5 hour drive from Halifax. You would turn off before Halifax and go to the Highway 103 to get to Peggy’s Cove. I will send you a list of things to see and do in our area. There is a theme park about a 35 minute drive and a zoo about 1.5 hours away. Yes, each cottage has a propane BBQ on the deck. You can swim at our beach but I would recommend beach shoes. It is a pebble beach but as the tide goes out the rocks get a little bigger. There is a Provincial Park with a fresh water swimming area about 2 km. from the cottages. There is also a bonfire area at our beach that is shared by all the cottages. More people make a better evening.
      Hoping to see you in 2014. Your hostess Linda

  15. Janie and David Nickerson #

    Sorry it has taken me so long to add a comment to your site. We very much enjoyed our stay at your cottage. The view over the water was awesome and we so enjoyed the peace and quiet. It is very nice to have the generator for some of the things that we have come to consider necessities but also to be able to shut it off and remember the way things were when we were growing up.

    • Linda #

      Thank you for your review. I never tire of watching the water as I drive to the cottages. Saint Mary’s Bay is always changing and yes, a joy to watch. The generators certainly play a very important role but they are not needed all the time. Not having the generator running adds to the peace and quiet of being one with nature. We are so glad you enjoyed your stay with us. Hoping to see you again. Linda

  16. simon #

    just discovered your pretty cottages.please tell how s fishing there?how close are the cottages to the water? can i fish next to cottage?there are fisging boats near by? how far from montreal are you?

    • Linda #

      Hello Simon. Thank you for your inquiry to stay with us at Graham’s Pioneer Retreat. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have been away outside of Canada.

      The cottages are a very short walk up the hill from the cottages but you can drive right to the beach. There are 3 wharves (Centreville, Sandy Cove, & Little River) very close by that you can salt water fish from. You are not required to have a fishing licence to fish in salt water. You can fish from the cottages but it is better to fish from the wharves. As to how far from Montreal we are, it would depend on which way you were to come. We are at least a 2 day trip. If you come across from Saint John, N.B. to Digby on the Princess of Acadia Ferry it is a shorter drive. We are about a 1/2 drive from where the ferry terminal in Digby. Driving around we are about a 7 hour drive from Fredericton N.B.

      Your hostess Linda

  17. lauralee smith #

    good afternoon
    do you allow pets?

    • Linda #

      Yes, Lauralee, we are a pet friendly accommodation. Please call us at 1-888-839-2590 to make a reservation.

  18. Linda #

    Hello Neil. Thank you for your inquiry to stay with us at Graham’s Pioneer Retreat. I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you.

    We have both a 1 and a 2 bedroom cottage available for the dates you have chosen. How many will be in your party (adults/children)?

    Will this be your first time in Nova Scotia? the Digby area? Would you like a list of things to see and do in our area?

    Please call 1-888-839-2590 to make your reservation.
    Your hostess

  19. Linda #

    Hello Gail. To have a fan all night you would have to run the generator. The cottages are ocean front. I think if you left your window open at night you would get enough breeze and cool air coming in.

    Your hostess

  20. Linda #

    Hello Josee. Here is what I have for the end of July. A two bedroom starting 12 July with check our the 24 or just the 3 nights starting 27 check out on the 30 in a 1 bedroom.

    Your hostess

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